Syracuse Barre Classes

We offer the best barre classes available. Whether you are new to fitness, barre or a seasoned veteran, we have classes to fit everyone’s level with an exciting fast paced workout that will work your whole body in an hour.

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The Classic Class

Fast paced, high energy class with verbal instruction and guided cueing that takes individuals through different progressions and levels of the exercise. It combines ballet positions, isometric strength training, light weights, and stretching. All levels are welcome, as modifications are always presented!

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Individual Instruction

Still on the fence about trying a Barre class? Or need more guided, individualized instruction?

Try a private class with one of our instructors! We'll personally guide you through the fundamental positions until you're ready to take it to the next level!

$60/hour, $40/half hour, call 380-4321 for group rates

Bike-N-Barre View Schedule

This is not your average spin class! We alternate between barre exercise and our new Real Ryder spin bikes. The bikes move side to side to allow for upper body and core engagement, so you're getting three planes of motion in this high octane cardio class! Be ready to burn and shake it off!! (60 minutes including stretching, please bring dry sneakers)

Bodhi Blast w/ TRX View Schedule

Blast your whole Bodhi with this high intensity, interval training workout! We combine the lower body burn of barre with the upper body and core resistance training of TRX. Modifications are offered for all skill levels. (60 minutes including stretching, please bring dry sneakers)


Our instructors are the best, seriously!

Every instructor is rigorously trained and certified in Barre, but they bring their own background in yoga, Pilates, fitness and/or dance to every workout. Each instructor’s primary focus is on their clients; tailoring the classes to the day and individual. They know how to bring the energy and share it with their students!

Those new to fitness will love barre

No matter what level of fitness you are, at Bodhi Barre you will be working at the top of your ability because each workout has modifications for those who are beginners and those that are more experienced at barre or other fitness discipline. Get to know your instructors, they will help you get the most out of your workout

Why we are the best for busy schedules

All Bodhi Barre workouts are designed to target the whole body in just an hour. It will work every major muscle group to fatigue and then stretch it out. The end result is a long, lean and strong body. Bodhi Barre is the safest most effective way to get you looking and feeling your best! Many clients see results in just a few weeks of 3-5 classes per week.

Runners love barre

Running requires strength in body and mind; but how do you get better besides running more? Strengthening your core will help you get better results and the stretches will protect and heal a runner’s body. The fast pace of the Bodhi Barre will keep it interesting and in just an hour your body and mind will be strengthened, stretched and ready for your best run!

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