The Benefit of Barre in your daily life

December 19th 2014 by Colette

I move.

And when I say that, I mean, my body is constantly in motion.   It always has been. I have been teaching dance and acrobatics for fourteen years. When you are teaching dance back to back classes up to six days a week, performing onstage yourself, and hold down a variety of other gypsy like jobs, your body better be efficient, a well oiled machine, otherwise you will hurt yourself, or simply not be able to perform well.   To my surprise, my work at the Barre, and I mean Bodhi Barre, not ballet barre, has made a huge difference in my technique, stamina, and balance at dance. I wish I’d found this secret out a decade ago! It makes sense, and should be obvious. I’d figured that since I had danced and done gymnastic, and had already spent years working ballet technique at the barre that my body knew all it needed to.

The truth is that the intense, isolated micromovements of the Lotte Berk world (think 1” pliés in relevé) have forced me to have more control of my body instead of giving into the momentum of a movement. When holding a deep plié in second position, heels lifted, I have the time to focus on stabilization through the core, keeping the tailbone down, shoulders rolled back and sliding down, lined up over hips, form. I can also push myself further without being distracted by having to emote something through a dance movement, or how graceful my arms are, or heaven forbid, “Am I smiling?”. Turning off dancer/performer brain and just focusing on how the body feels, what do I have to do to achieve the best form has actually lifted my jumps, balanced my turns, and fixed longstanding issues in my dance technique.

The “form over range,” line you hear me say, that has fixed my hip positioning in battements, and arabesques. Now my dance students have a better model of technique and a better teacher! You don’t have to be a dancer to feel the benefits of Barre work in your daily life.   All those movements under the barre that are initiated at the core will help keep you from pulling out your back. Those millions of relevés will keep you from rolling your ankle in your killer high heels. And those forever long plank holds? They will be keeping you tall fighting gravity’s pull to make you slouch. The best part? That moment when you realize those transformations have been made, all the while you thought you were just “working out.”

Meet Instructor Theresa Eppolito

August 12th 2014 by Colette

Theresa Eppolito is excited to be one of our instructors here at Bodhi Barre! As a native of the area, Theresa has had the opportunity to be a part of the local health and wellness industry for a good part of her adult career. Theresa grew up being a runner, gymnast and dancer, only to transform those interests and passions into a career. She enjoys being a positive role model in people’s lives through fitness and health. She enjoys inspiring all people to be better than they were yesterday, or to at least try! She has years of experience being a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor, so please welcome her as she now she becomes part of our Bodhi Barre Team!!!!

Meet The Owner Colette Calderala

August 07th 2014 by Colette

Colette Calderala: Colette is a certified barre instructor who studied in Boston, Massachusetts. Having been a runner and yoga lover for years, exercise became very difficult when a major illness struck. Then she discovered barre which was exciting and fast paced; it worked muscles she didn’t know she had and renewed her enthusiasm for fitness. She was hooked and after practicing for several years decided it was time to bring barre classes to Syracuse, NY. Animal lover, Le Moyne College alum, gardener, breast cancer survivor, and above all, Bodhi Barre enthusiast, Colette’s hope is to share how life changing and fun barre has been for her and can be for you too!

Where does “barre” come from?

July 31st 2014 by Colette

The barre methods of exercise all started with Lotte Berk. She was a German dancer born in 1913 who developed a fitness technique based on her training as a ballerina. She was the first to champion the importance of “core stability.”

With the rise in Nazism in Germany after WWI, she fled to England where she opened her first ballet barre studio. In the 1950s, with the help of an osteopath, she developed a series of exercises based on her experience with dancing. Similar to pilates and yoga, the Lotte Berk Method concentrates on targeting specific areas for strength and flexibility training. It has been called “the ultimate body transformation system”because all major muscle groups are focused on by working them to exhaustion and then stretching them out to achieve a physique similar to one of a professional dancer. Berk’s colorful personality didn’t overshadow the proven and undeniable fact that her workout was a bonafide success, even when she came up with funny names for positions, like “peeing dog”and “the prostitute.”She was living proof until 90 years old and so were her famous celebrity clients that the Lotte Berk Method was the best way to have a beautiful and healthy body.

The Lotte Berk Method is world famous and there have been many variations of this style, each with their own distinct approach including The Bar Method, Physique 57, Xtend Workout, Pure Barre, exhale, The Dailey Method, as well as Bodhi Barre. The original idea has stayed intact of combining ballet barre, core conditioning, muscle strengthening, yoga and pilates all into one rigorous workout and has stood the test of time in an era of fast-changing fitness trends. Bodhi Barre has the goal of staying true to Lotte Berk’s original vision and adding our own flavor and edge- come see what makes us different!

Meet Instructor Julia Ebner

July 12th 2014 by Colette

Julia Ebner is thrilled to join the Bodhi Barre team. She has been teaching movement, dance, and choreographing for the last fourteen years. A sought after performer, she has sung and danced professionally with Santa Fe Opera, Florida Grand, Virginia Opera, Ash Lawn Opera, and Syracuse Opera, among others. Julia received her Bachelors in Music from Syracuse University, a Masters in Music for Binghamton University, and her Pilates Certification through Power Pilates.

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